#4 Practical ways to reduce Printing cost for students

  1. Printing Multiple Pages

Printing multiple pages per sheet of paper is a practical way to halve the amount of paper you’re using and quality of paper you are using should be good otherwise the other will absorb most of your printer ink and also will spread ink on mostly diagrams, pictures and will be just as clear when the page has been scaled down onto half a sheet of A4. It will shrink to fit on the paper and your printing cost will decrease.

So, I hope this will help you out, let’s move to another one.

  1.  Do not print directly from Internet

Printing straight from the internet can be frustrating and often, if it’s done thoughtlessly, costly too. Though a webpage it may only contain a certain amount of vital information, it comes printed out and if its surrounded by images, additional text, footers, navigations and even adverts all these things lead to wastage of paper. The simple act of copying and pasting the information you require into a word File and processing the document will not only save on the consumption of  Printer ink, toner and paper, but it’ll save you time and money from unwanted Page and Printer Ink in no time.

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  1. Choose Your Printer Ink Carefully

There is lot of duplicates of Printer ink that is being sold on the internet. One Ink is genuine ink and other one is compatible ink, genuine ink is original, reliable, long lasting and is compatible ink. The other ink is local ink and though it is compatible too with the Printer but it has a lot of disadvantages like poor printing quality, Spoiling the paper when the ink is low and even stickiness of ink on the brush of the printer will damage the printer for lifetime and changing the brush of the printers will cost you far more than ever a cartridge will and stop saving a little money and improve life of your printer and quality of your prints by using genuine ink and buying a genuine ink does not mean that you need to buy from a HP store or any other brand store since its becoming hard to notice the difference in original and local ink, there are many online stores which offer cheap HP ink and cartridges, if you are living in UAE, one such store is Ezclick, where you can get cheaper printer inks and bulk printer inks at a low cost than from HP store.


Different types of Color cartridges

  1. How to get Cheaper Ink online?

There are lot of trusted online stores, where you can buy in Bulk Printer ink and the best thing is you can call them and negotiate the price of the cost depending upon your needs, all the ink that is being sold are original and cheap. Such supplier are Ezclick and Alibaba. If you want even one cartridge Ezclick will offer it but not Alibaba.But Ezclick only offers in UAE and Saudi Arabia not everywhere, hence you need to search more, at i will recommend you to search for more e-commerce websites that offer you printer cartridge in cheap prices and yeah do check the originality of the ink and choose carefully and if its little costly don’t worry just buy original and go for its reliability and hence in the long run it will be less costly for you.

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I hope this will help you out in future and if any questions related to troubleshooting of the printer , ask me anytime, I am happy to help.


Thank You!!