Online Market is a new happiness

Online Shopping Made Easy

Shopping offline really make us feel happy? Remember, Last time when you shop at the local market and feel happy about it. If yes, then Offline market takes all the joy of your experience.

Instead of checking various variety and compare one product with other you always experience what actually salesman want you to experience. Is it actually fun?

Are you really wanted to take products from those who actually have targets?? Although, you want something which looks better on you and really makes you happy.

We will give you reasons, Why Online purchase is better than offline!

1. Quality

While comparing both online and offline, we really figure out about the quality product which really matters a lot.

Online marketplace or e-commerce stores gives you benefits that offline never does.

When you check products online you will find out in the description that which material/fabric is actually used for manufacturing the product and if it’s not up to the mark, you are free to give a review about it, also, you can replace or return it.

Providing every little detail online
Providing Every Little Detail About the Quality

Actually, when you purchase online sellers are bound to give you the best quality product because of their reputation.

2. Saves Money and Time

Another important factor that matters is your money and time; Most of the people went out for shopping actually wastes their money and time.

Do you remember? When you went out for shopping and actually bought something that isn’t really necessary.

A study noted that 43% of the offline purchase is actually not defined. Shocking, but that’s true. Rather you can easily buy specific and cheaply in online stores.

Save Time & Money

Toss-up, you can actually save money and time. If you are a genius then you can also grab a deal as well.


3. Offers & Discounts

Online shopping will sometimes provide great savings as well if you have a will to search them.

Sellers want to get rid of the product which actually creates a burden for them. So, they give a heavy discount or offers on these products. Also, they push their products on social media as well.

Everyday Offers & discounts

Usually, when you search for a product online you will get a lot of results which shows the lowest price.


4. Convenience

Today, most of the people want convenience while shopping and for that what’s better is to shop online.

You can easily find what you want, you can find multiple products on a single screen, and you can get whatever you want in a day or so.

One can buy anything they want any time, they work 24×7 and usually delivers in one day. These are some of the biggest selling points of online shopping. It’s easy to compare prices anywhere on the internet.

Another benefit for me is that you don’t need to get dressed and drive to your favorite store.

You can easily visit the website and order your product without even getting into the pajamas.

convenience of shopping
Convenience of Shopping

We don’t need any schedule while going shopping.

5. Variety


Several Brands and Products from different sellers all in one place. The best thing one can always look at international trends.

One can shop from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world and with much variety of different colors and sizes than you will find locally at your disposal.

6. Sending Gifts More Easily

Well, some of the relatives are living too far from us and with online shopping; there is no need for giving distance as an excuse for not sending a gift on any occasion. Sending Gifts to relatives and friends no matter where they are.

Sending Gifts from Anywhere
Sending Gifts from Anywhere

7. No Crowds

The biggest problem that I use to face is I want to purchase anything at my understanding; I want to take my time with every other product.

I don’t want that a single person is attending more than 5 customers at a time and I have to ask every little detail about my dress and when I have selected a dress, then those long queues at the Trial Room and we hardly see more than 5-6 dress, well there is not much option and researchers have shown that the salesman gets bored of showing you dress after 7 consecutive dress.

Offline Crowded Marketplace
Offline Crowded Market

It becomes tiring for both the seller and the customer. The seller only shows the product that they have a target to sell and often many better things are kept away from us.




Now it’s quite clear that the trend of shopping is getting towards Online and well here are the numerous benefits of Online Shopping that can never be provided by an Offline Market Retailers.
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Online Shopping Made Easy
Online Shopping Made Easy

Happy Online Shopping!! 🙂

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No More Mistakes With Makeup Products

Oriflame Products from ezclick

Earlier in Saudi Arabia, it was considered bad for women to use perfumes and beauty products.

Same goes for men to avoid using perfume and aftershave.

But as we all know that the demand for online shopping is increasing in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia spends maximum in perfumes than in any other beauty products.

Read my previous blog about the increase in the use of perfumes in Saudi Arabia in last 3 years.

For women, the demand for Makeup kit Online started increasing along drastically in last few years.

Best Beauty Products and personal care products not only enhance the skin but also give you the confidence to walk in the crowd.

Use of beauty products started increasing especially among the office going women and as we all know literacy rate of Saudi Arabia is increasing drastically.

Beauty Products are harmful when not used branded.

Recent Studies have shown that most of the beauty products are either not branded and others are very costly.
Oriflame is the best beauty product for women and is the most selling beauty product in Saudi Arabia.

Oriflame Products from ezclick

As soon as brands like Ori flame arrived in the market, they started competing with L’Oreal and Garnier since they have amazing benefits for both skin and hair.

Best Place to buy Oriflame products in Saudi Arabia is ezclick since they are selling at the lowest cost than any other e-commerce platforms.

Logo of ezclick

All products sold are genuine and ezclick accepts easy returns in case of any doubt.

The main question: Why to buy cosmetics online rather than offline?

The demand for online shopping is increasing drastically in cosmetics since these marketplaces are giving a lot of discounts rather than buying offline.

The best way to avoid the duplicacy is to see whether the seal of the bottle is broken or not.

Most of the offline market will make up any story for the broken seal, but when buying online, the best thing is to return and a get a new one if you have a doubt.

For a healthy skin & hair, please don’t use a cheap beauty product, it will harm your hair and can cause a major skin disease like – a fungal disease that last roughly for a year and a half with proper medication.

Once, my sister used a cheap beauty product on her face, it gave her a good glow but after there was a lot of itching in the skin and then her lips started to worn out.

Fungal Infection


When we went to dermatologists regarding this, the first thing bring up the beauty product you used, on acquiring that the product he strictly said not to use it since it contains bleach and yeah its very harmful for the skin, it gives you temporary glow but a long time side effect, my sister has to go under skin treatment for a year.


Since then our family decided never to use cheap beauty products and since then we are using Oriflame products from ezclick.

Please avoid all types of mistakes while using beauty products.

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Top 5 websites for buying Perfumes in Saudi Arabia

According to recent facts, Saudi’s spend SAR 5.4 Billion every year on perfumes.

Due to changing lifestyle in Saudi Arabia, the demand has increased from SAR 5.4 billion to SAR 12 billion.

Gifting someone oud or perfume is the most selling business during Eid. Almost 50% of the people in Saudi Arabia gift perfumes to their relatives and loves ones. Being brought up in Saudi, my dad always gifted my uncle Arabian Oud or Versace Perfume.

Women in Saudi Arabia, keep close attention on their appearance and how they are carrying themselves in the public.

To match their style, women in Saudi, spend quite heavily on luxury items like cars, clothing & of course Perfumes.

The sale of Cosmetics & Perfumes during Ramadan alone exceeds SAR 4.5 Million in most of the Gulf countries.

Buying an Oud is not easy, it is costly and gifting someone any perfume is another problem.

The best thing is to choose in any of these perfumes:-

  1. Vanitas Versace
  2. Givenchy
  3. Carolina Herrera
  4. Chanel Perfumes
  5. Roberto Cavalli
  6. Pour Homme Dylan Blue by Versace

These are most selling perfumes in Ramadan and most used perfumes for women in Saudi Arabia.

Gifting someone Perfumes or Oud is considered very noble in Saudi Arabia.

Perfumes for everyone
Perfumes For Everyone

Here is the list of 5 most selling perfume websites in Saudi Arabia:

5. ezclick

This is the fast-growing website in Saudi Arabia for buying perfumes and other stationery items online.

It started back in 2017, it came with an e-commerce store and has made the perfumes market not only cheap but also quick delivery. They deliver an entire Saudi Arabia and are selling cheaper than other websites.

ezclick logo

As we know that margin percentage on these cosmetics is very high and ezclick is keeping only a minute of percentage profit with them.

They also deal in bulk orders. The customer base is increasing at a very fast rate due to high standard products at a low price to meet their needs.

Accepting all modes of payment and the main focus is on best user experience.

Buy now and get a special 10% off discount on all products, use code: ez10.

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4. Sephora

This website is also great for buying perfumes. It is launched back in 2007 in the Middle East, they have become a leader in the industry due to unique service for men and women.


It’s a store that is both online and offline.


3. Wojooh

Wojooh is the leading beauty retailer in the Middle East and it’s been in the business for over 18 years and 10 countries in the region.


They are now available online too. In their explore you can look for fragrance, the adventure of makeup and solution of skin care.


2. Zohoor Alreef

One can choose from gifts & accessories to skin and body care.


So, while shopping one must choose any of this, but I will suggest you choose the best selling and easily availability with quick delivery in entire UAE.


1. Souq

The brand which needs no introduction, taken over by Amazon. It is one of the greatest marketplaces in the Middle East.


They sell everything from bracelets to toy cars. It is one of biggest e-commerce websites in the Middle East.

Another big brand of Saudi Arabia, it’s an e-commerce store for buying cosmetic products online.


Best Selling Bottles



Happy Shopping. 🙂

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#4 Practical ways to reduce Printing cost for students

Logo of ezclick
  1. Printing Multiple Pages

Printing multiple pages per sheet of paper is a practical way to halve the amount of paper you’re using and quality of paper you are using should be good otherwise the other will absorb most of your printer ink and also will spread ink on mostly diagrams, pictures and will be just as clear when the page has been scaled down onto half a sheet of A4.

It will shrink to fit on the paper and your printing cost will decrease.

So, I hope this will help you out, let’s move to another one.


  1.  Do not print directly from the Internet

Printing straight from the internet can be frustrating and often if it’s done thoughtlessly, costly too.

Though a webpage it may only contain a certain amount of vital information, it comes printed out and if it’s surrounded by images, additional text, footers, navigations and even adverts all these things lead to wastage of paper.

The simple act of copying and pasting the information you require into a word File and processing the document will not only save on the consumption of  Printer ink, toner, and paper, but it’ll save you time and money from unwanted Page and Printer Ink in no time.

canon 440

  1. Choose Your Printer Ink Carefully

There is a lot of duplicates of Printer ink that is being sold on the internet. One Ink is genuine ink and another one is compatible ink, genuine ink is original, reliable, long-lasting and is compatible ink.

The other ink is local ink and though it is compatible too with the Printer it has a lot of disadvantages like poor printing quality.

Spoiling the paper when the ink is low and even stickiness of ink on the brush of the printer will damage the printer for lifetime and change the brush of the printers will cost you far more than ever a cartridge will and stop saving a little money and improve life of your printer and quality of your prints by using genuine ink and buying a genuine ink does not mean that you need to buy from an HP store or any other brand store since its becoming hard to notice the difference in original and local ink.

There are many online stores which offer cheap HP ink and cartridges if you are living in UAE, one such store is EZ CLICK, where you can get cheaper printer inks and bulk printer inks at a low cost than from HP store.


Different types of Color cartridges

  1. How to get Cheaper Ink online?

There are a lot of trusted online stores, where you can buy in bulk Printer ink and the best thing is you can call them and negotiate the price of the cost depending upon your needs, all the ink that is being sold are original and cheap.

Such suppliers are Ezclick and Alibaba. If you want even one cartridge Ezclick will offer it but not Alibaba.

ButEzclick only offers in UAE and Saudi Arabia not everywhere, hence you need to search more, at i will recommend you to search for more e-commerce websites that offer you printer cartridge in cheap prices and yeah do check the originality of the ink and choose carefully and if its little costly don’t worry just buy original and go for its reliability and hence, in the long run, it will be less costly for you.

laser jet
I hope this will help you out in future and if any questions related to troubleshooting of the printer, ask me anytime, I am happy to help.

Thank You!!

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